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About Us

Ms. Chinue’s Focus for the DLL Studios program is a low cost, community based arts education program. In building up our community, she helps each child work on the DLL Studios 5 focuses:

-- Self-ism: self awareness, self love, self confidence, self respect, self esteem

-- Me=We: learning empathy, social skills, togetherness, and the importance of  community and support

-- R + R: respect and responsibility

-- Commitment=Commencement: developing resilience and the ability to finish strong in what you start

-- Positivity Plus: positive thinking and gratefulness (the first steps to inner happiness!)




-- Payment is due on the first class of each month. 

-- Check, credit or debit card and cash accepted. For safety, Ms. Chinue

    does not carry change; please have the exact amount for cash payments.


    whether or not your child attends. Please make ever attempt to be committed in your attendance!

Student Drop Off/Pick up

-- For your child’s safety please do not drop your child off without walking him/her into the building, to the    dance studio and to Ms. Chinue.

-- Please be prompt in picking up your child after class.

-- If someone else other than you will be picking up your child, please notify Ms. Chinue and provide the

    person’s legal name.  Make sure the person picking up your child has a valid I.D.. Ms. Chinue will verify a

    person’s identity before allowing him or her to take your child out of the building.

-- Please come into the building to pick up your child. 

-- Please do not remove your child from the building without notifying Ms. Chinue.


-- Ms. Chinue or a volunteer assistant oversees trips to the bathroom or water fountain.

-- If needed, a costume fee may be incurred during the dance school year. Fees are determined by


-- When registering for the first time in a new school year term, there is a $10 fee added onto your 1st

    month payment.

The Company

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